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With Sky HD you will finally get the picture quality your HD Ready TV deserves. Discover how you could experience Sky TV shows with clearer images, more vibrant colours and picture so sharp you can see every face in the crowd.

It's all in the details
Sky HD packs in up to four times as much picture detail as standard TV. See every blade of grass and every bead of sweat - all in lush colour against vivid backgrounds.

Surround yourself in sound
With Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound on many Sky HD programmes, immerse yourself more deeply in the action. Just connect your compatible home cinema system to complete your HD experience.

Plus all your Sky+ favourites
So you don't miss any of your favourites, Sky HD comes with full Sky+ functionality. Store and play back hours of entertainment without videos or DVDs. Record two different channels at the same time. Put live TV on 'pause' - while you answer the door or make a cuppa - then come back to it later. Plus you can store up to 30 hours of HD programmes or up to 80 hours of Standard Definition programmes - that's up to double the amount of storage than a current Sky+ box.

Watch what you want, when you want
Experience Sky's hidden gems in HD with Sky Anytime on TV. Depending on your Sky TV subscription, take your pick of each week's TV - choose a top movie, or find a great series whenever you want, with our TV on-demand service.

Sky HD brings you around 5,000 hours of top HD movies, sport, entertainment, drama and documentaries every month. Whatever you're into, we've got it. Sky HD now has double the amount of sports coverage than a year ago. Plus, Sky Movies HD subscribers will experience every thrilling moment like never before, with over 220 different movies showing every month in HD - that's 70 more than 6 months ago. What's more, around two thirds of all prime-time shows on Sky One HD will be available in high definition by Christmas 2007, that's nearly double the amount of HD shows than a year ago.

With the widest choice of HD programming in the UK, take your pick from 12 dedicated Sky HD channels.

Sky HD Offers

What it costs
What Does It Cost? - One-off box cost 199-299*. Save money on your Sky HD Box with Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, and Sky Multiroom services.
Monthly fee - Sky HD subscription 10 per month

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